Dr Jared Margulies has a new book out, The Cactus Hunters, with University of Minnesota Press

Dr Teresa Lappe-Osthege has published a new article on EU policy compliance and IWT in songbirds

Dr George Iordachescu and Dr Monica Vasile have published a new paper on Forests of Fear

Bram Buscher and Rosaleen Duffy reflect on how the 2022 CoPs of CITES and the CBD continue to fail biodiversity conservation 

Dr Jared Margulies, Dr Francis Masse and Dr Brittany VanderBerg Gilmer have curated a special issue on illicit geographies 

Anh Vu has published a new paper on 'ungrounded environmentalism' about demand reduction campaigns for IWT in Vietnam 

 Hannah Dickinson has published a new paper in Political Geography on the caviar trade in the EU

Rosaleen Duffy has written a new piece for The Conversation on how funding for technological developments is militarising conservation 

Dr Teklehaymanot Weldemichel writes about his research on the ongoing violence in conservation initiatives in Loliondo, Tanzania

Rosaleen Duffy's new book published by with Yale University Press on Conservation and Security: the Politics of the Illegal Wildlife Trade.

We are really pleased to release our Final Report, which provides brief summaries of our research findings, our outputs so far and information on how our work is continuing to develop.

Where are the BIOSEC team 12 months after the end of funding from the European Research Council.

BIOSEC Bitesize series: Defining Wildlife Crime. Taking a look at the key publications, blogs and podcasts that define our research.

Taking a look at the key publications, blogs and podcasts that define our research.

BIOSEC bitesize series: technologies. Taking a look at the key publications, blogs and podcasts that define our research.

1 September 2020

Our six short films draw attention to overlooked issues in the illegal wildlife trade, as well as the wider political and ethical questions surrounding conservation.

‘What happens in conservation if we define the illegal wildlife trade as a global security threat?’ Our researchers approach this question creatively in our zine, 'BIOSEC: Notes on Illegal Wildlife Trade'.

25 August 2020

As we near the end of the Project BIOSEC, the team reflect on their personal and professional highlights of the last four years.

24 August 2020

Our BIOSEC Policy Briefs have now been released!

To mark the end of the project, we have re-released all five episodes of our podcast mini-series BIOSEC and Bubbles.

White Rose Brussels event report released: IWT in Europe - wild birds and caviar. The Knowledge Exchange Roundtable took place on 22 Jan 2020 at the European Parliament, Brussels.

What is the future of political ecology? Reflections from our roundtable held in Sheffield on 22 October.

BIOSEC team members comment on what was (and wasn't) discussed at the conference.

Evidence to action: research to address Illegal Wildlife Trade takes place at ZSL on 9th October 2018, in partnership with OMP-IWT, BIOSEC, ZSL-IoZ, DICE Kent and the Lancaster Environmental Centre.