BIOSEC and Bubbles: Full podcast series out now

20 August 2020

To mark the end of the BIOSEC project, we have re-released all five episodes of our podcast mini-series, BIOSEC and Bubbles. The series is hosted and produced by Laure Joanny. Each of the five episodes highlights key themes and synergies in the research of our BIOSEC team and wider fellowship. They offer a glimpse of our lived experience of research, spanning cities and continents from our Sheffield office, to glass towers, remote village and National Parks.


Also available on Spotify.

Episode 1: Luxury and the illegal wildlife trade

featuring Hannah Dickinson and Teresa Lappe-Osthege

Episode 2: Researching wildlife crime: from national parks to high-rise buildings

featuring Rosaleen Duffy and Francis Massé

Episode 3: Exclusion or ownership? Communities and protected areas

featuring George Iordăchescu and Elaine Hsiao

Episode 4: Understanding and reducing demand in wildlife

featuring Anh Vu and Jared Margulies

Episode 5: Drones and databases: the appeal of technology for conservation

featuring George Iordăchescu and Laure Joanny