Professor Rosaleen Duffy

Principal Investigator

Rosaleen joined the Politics Department at the University of Sheffield in September 2016. She has always been interested in wildlife conservation, and her research work has focused on peace parks, ecotourism and international environmental agreements, especially CITES.

In this project Rosaleen has developed a new theoretical framework of a political ecology of security in order to understand the wider ramifications of the shift towards greater levels of integration between conservation and security. This involves understanding how the imperatives of conservation and security differ, and yet they are being fused together; how this shift is underpinned by framing the illegal wildlife trade as a global security threat; and finally, how this shift then produces new logics or practices in conservation on the ground, notably militarisation, partnering with militaries/ private security firms, enhanced use of surveillance technologies and use of counter insurgency techniques.

For more information about Rosaleen’s research, please visit her full academic profile and our Twitter account @biosec_erc.