Dr George Iordăchescu

Post-doctoral researcher


George joined the BIOSEC project as a post-doctoral researcher in August 2019. His PhD research was in Analysis and Management of Cultural Heritage at IMT School for Advanced Studies in Lucca. His thesis was on wilderness production and protection in Eastern Europe. Over the last few years he has done fieldwork in the Romanian Carpathians and Poland where he focused on private conservation projects, commons and forest livelihoods.

George’s research project is entitled Illegal timber trade as a public security threat: how web 2.0 deputises citizens and change geographies of environmental crime in the Carpathians. George researches the impact of EU regulations on timber trade and securitisation in the Carpathian Mountains. He aims to understand how a redefinition of illegal logging and timber trade as a security threat has triggered a massive citizen involvement in surveilliance and reporting of environmental crimes.

George dedicates his spare time to a museum that he established in an attempt to open up debates on the environmental history of Southern Carpathians. He likes long hikes and he never misses a chance to forage for mushrooms and wild herbs.

You can follow George on Twitter: @George_Iorda