Reports, policy documents and consultancies by members of the BIOSEC team

BIOSEC final report
BIOSEC final report web version (PDF, 368KB)

BIOSEC Policy Briefs
R Duffy, H Dickinson, L Joanny, F Massé, J Margulies, T Lappe-Osthege, G Iordăchescu, and N Vu 2020.
Full package of Policy Briefs (PDF, 12.9MB)

Coronavirus and the trade in wildlife
R Duffy. Quoted in European Parliamentary Research Service briefing ‘Coronavirus and the wildlife trade’. May 2020.
Report (PDF, 960KB)

Evaluation of the EU Action Plan Against Wildlife Trafficking
BIOSEC team response to the 2016 EU Action Plan Against Wildlife Trafficking.
Report (PDF, 246KB)

Research to address the illegal wildlife trade
A briefing note for policy-makers and practitioners, published in September 2018
Briefing note (PDF, 2MB).

EU trade policy and the wildlife trade
R Duffy. 2016 (INTA DG Trade, Brussels, European Parliament).
Report (PDF, 1.4MB)

Mapping donors: key areas for tackling illegal wildlife trade (Africa and Asia)
R Duffy and J Humphreys. 2014. Mapping Donors: Key Areas for Tackling Illegal Wildlife Trade (Africa and Asia). Evidence on Demand Report HD151.
Report (PDF, 187KB)

Rhino poaching: how do we respond?
R Duffy, RH Emslie and MH Knight. 2013. Rhino poaching: How do we respond?. Report prepared for UK DfID, December 2013. Evidence on Demand Report HD087.
Report (PDF, 268KB)

Poverty, poaching and trafficking: What are the links?
R Duffy and FAV St John 2013. Poverty, Poaching and Trafficking: What are the links?. Consultancy Report for DFID, June 2013. Evidence on Demand Report HD059.
Report (PDF, 703KB)